Weekly newsletter of Nadia — Issue #1

Welcome To my News Letter

I have decided to start a weekly news letter for anyone who is interested in updates to my books, writing, life, and other things going on. I intend to give information about my projects, thoughts on movies, and even a random short erotic story here and there. I hope that you decide to join up for my news letter because that way you can keep informed of everything I’m doing, including my upcoming books on amazon!

Feel free to check out any of my links below for even more information!

Nadia Valentine — Mediumnaudyvalentine.medium.com
Read writing from Nadia Valentine on Medium. Author, screenwriter, snarky realist and horror expert!. Every day, Nadia Valentine and thousands of other voices read, write, and share important stories on Medium.

Amazon.com: Nadia Valentine: Books, Biography, Blog, Audiobooks, Kindlewww.amazon.com
Follow Nadia Valentine and explore their bibliography from Amazon.com’s Nadia Valentine Author Page.


Nadia Valentine is an independent author of several different novels which you can find information about on her website.




Author, screenwriter, snarky realist and horror expert!

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Nadia Valentine

Nadia Valentine

Author, screenwriter, snarky realist and horror expert!

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