The Unofficial Birthright Soundtrack

Since all of this is not authorized as official use for my written novels I want to stress that all of what I’m about to say is hypothetical. However, as a fan of music and soundtracks (as well as scoring for movies), I absolutely have to make some sort of playlist for everything I write. Here I will present the unofficial playlist for my bestseller Birthright which you can find on Amazon for $2.99 or free for Kindle Unlimited.

These songs I have chosen specifically (in this order) as I believe if you read the book and listen to the soundtrack the music and lyrics tell the story just as much as the words on the page but in a different way. The full playlist is here [Link] if you want to listen to it all at once and in the correct order.

Song Number One: INSANE by Scarlet Pomers

This song and it’s lyrical content describe Cordelia’s first meetings with her new owner Avery. It’s almost like her inner monologue for how she feels about being sold as property and the sexism and misogyny she faces in this new society with the elites.

Song Number Two: Livin On The Run by Scott Grimes

This song details the feelings of Gordon when he had to part from Cordelia in the slave colonies. I don’t want to say too much about each song (for people who haven’t read the book). However, interesting trivia here, Scarlett Pomers was the inspiration behind the character Cordelia Banks (I discuss more about that in this post) and Scott Grimes is the inspiration for the character of Gordon.

Song Number Three: Valentine By Scarlett Pomers

Get used to hearing a lot of Scarlett’s songs because her limited library of music is partly what inspired the character and partly what inspired the story. Once again, this is an inner monologue of Cordelia as time progresses in the story and she gets to know Avery more and more.

Song Number Four: Don’t Stop Believin By Journey

This song was chosen because it’s the song that Avery catches Cordelia singing in the library. He’s never heard it before. The time, place, and location of this story is a hundred years in the future (as well as a slightly alternate universe but not by much). Rock and pop music from the time before The Leader are greatly coveted and passed along on bootleg cassette tapes and CDs in the slave colonies as entertainment. The 70s-90s are especially popular as they are the easiest to find out there in the archives.

Song Number Five: Demons By Imagine Dragons

This song details Avery’s feelings towards himself, Cordelia, and the entire situation that he finds himself in with her at that point in time (or chapter) in the book.

Song Number Six: Bad Liar By Imagine Dragons

This song was chosen for two reasons, not just the tone and lyrical content but the story presented in the music video itself. I feel that it all parallels Avery and Cordelia’s relationship at a certain point in the story. Avery’s thoughts and Cordelia’s behavior towards him with everything that also happens to be going on with Amya (Avery’s wife).

Song Number Seven: Used by Scarlett Pomers

If I could literally choose a theme song for Cordelia it would be this one. It perfectly sums up how she feels not only about the situation she’s in but life in general. It describes the story as well, entirely, from almost everyone’s point of view (even though the story is told from her own).

Song Number Eight: Royals by Lorde

This song would describe the part of the book where Amya (Avery’s spoiled, selfish and senseless wife) is setting up for an elaborate party that Cordelia is dragged into. She’s being shown off like some sort of toy or pet. It goes well with the events leading up to and the entirety of the party that she’s forced to attend.

Song Number Eight: Whiskey And Pills By Billy Idol

Not only does this sum up Avery’s chaotic and addictive behavior (alcohol and other drugs) it fits the erratic way he handles the party (and after) that Amya has thrown. It goes well with the atmosphere and everything that is said and done when that big night is over.

Song Number Nine: Father Figure by George Michaels

This song fits the tone of what happens the night after the party and when Avery and Cordelia really start to see each other, care for each other, and understand that they are actually falling in love.

Song Number Ten: I Saw You by Scott Grimes

This song fits the tone of the reunion between Cordelia and Gordon and how he feels about it, seeing her with Avery after pining after her for so long. I don’t want to say more, as once again, spoilers, but it definitely works completely as his inner monologue at the time.

Song Number Eleven: Heart and Soul by T’Pau

This is the song for the brief aftermath and respite that Avery and Cordelia get before the shit storm of the century comes crashing down on them (and directly after her reunion with Gordon where she makes one of the harder decisions in the book)

Song Number Twelve: Stand In The Rain by Superchick

This describes the chapter in which Cordelia faces some pretty extreme challenges and consequences for her behavior around the estate and her relationship with Avery.

Song Number Thirteen: Love Exists by Amy Lee (English Cover Version)

The original song is in Italian (and also beautiful) but this artist did an amazing job translating it without losing its meaning. If it were up to me this would be the love theme for Avery and Cordelia, played at their wedding, and describe their story in the first book. It’s a perfect feel for the journey that they go through and it would happen at a point in the book where their bond is as strong as it’ll ever be.

Song Number Fourteen: Imperfection by Evanescence

This song perfectly captures the chaos that happens once Cordelia faces the consequences of her relationship with Avery and everything seems to come crashing down around everyone. It’s a perfect symbol of strength, endurance, and never giving up on the ones you love.

Song Number Fifteen: Love and Glory by Billy Idol

This would be the final song, the one to play over the finale and end credits of the book if it were a movie. Avery and Cordelia are together and they are on the precipice of a new beginning.

As I stated early, these songs are not officially used and I am not affiliated with the writers, producers, singers, or anything else. I just wanted to display the extent of the artistic effort I go through to build and frame each of the universes I build. I thought a good place to start was with my bestseller and my personal favorite book. The sequel will be coming out later this year and yes, there will be a soundtrack for that too.

Source: Marius on Unsplash

If you’ve read the book, do you think the music fits? If you haven’t read the book, does this intrigue more or does it not appeal to you at all? You can check out all of my work on my Amazon author’s page, keep up to date with me on my Twitter, or check out my amateur photography skills on Instagram. Thanks for reading!



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