Sexism In Gaming: A Gamer’s POV

This had been a topic that’s been around for ages. One that also gets a lot of heat and traction, especially if you do not have a popular opinion on it and I do not. The way I’ve seen it, and in my experience, there is no sexism in gaming. I know the initial reaction to a statement like this is for people to jump down my throat. Act as if I’m in denial or belittling the so-called experiences that some women have had while gaming but I’m not. I can explain it all, and even with that included, I would still tell you that sexism in gaming does not exist. At least not to the level that the Twitter…




Author, screenwriter, snarky realist and horror expert!

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Nadia Valentine

Nadia Valentine

Author, screenwriter, snarky realist and horror expert!

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