How To Get Inspired To Write

A lot of times I am asked how I come up with my ideas or where I find inspiration to write the stories I am writing or have written in the past. The answer isn’t very straight forward but I do have some idea of how I get these concepts and translate them into my stories. I am writing this in hopes that it can help other people learn to channel their own inspiration into a creative vessel and write stories of their own. There are many different ways to become inspired (of course) so this should only be seen as general guidelines or tips on how to find your own way in the world of writing.

Real Life Situations

One of the biggest inspirations for my writing is real life. Obviously, when I do this it becomes heavily fictionalized in the process. I usually add in far more fun and entertaining elements (as I’m a huge fan of erotica, drama, and angst). In this way I can balance the realism of the situation in the story with the real world while turning the drama up 100 levels. For example, I have a story about demon hunters and Lucifer writing a TV show to try to take over the world. This idea came to me from a real life situation. I know that people would want to know how I jumped from my real life to the ultimate conclusion it came to but I’m not sure I can explain that part entirely. I suppose a lot of it had to do with the fact that I did not like the fans or “fandom” surrounding a specific TV show because I thought they were a bit too crazy. This led me into wondering why they were so demonic which led me to an idea about Lucifer himself creating a TV show to possess people into being absolute assholes. The idea grew from there until it became it’s own entire universe. That is one of many examples but, you get the idea I hope?

Real Life People and/or Relationships

I also draw inspiration from actual people. Either people that I know in real life (and my relationships with them) or celebrities. I guess the latter part sounds weird only because it seems like I’m obsessed with celebrities. The truth is that because I write for both the screen and manuscripts, a lot of times it helps me to picture a certain actor or a group of them as characters. Usually they will be actors that I admire and I know their work well, so I end up crafting them into characters that I can picture in my mind. In this way it makes the dialogue and behavior easier to write because I can see and hear it in my head. Like casting a movie except the only one watching it is myself, I suppose. I also get this from people I really know because I know a lot of “characters”. People that I think are generally so entertaining that it would be a shame not to fictionalize them and include them in random stories. So far I’ve done pretty well with this method of character creation. Though inspired by real people, none of my characters are actually meant to depict anyone real it is just something that sparked my creativity.

Historical Events

Even if I’m not someone who typically writes historical fiction I do get inspired by events in history that have taken place. I’m very much into the historical information surrounding World War Two where there can be a lot of inspiration taken. That is one of the most horrific wars with brutality and crimes against humanity that almost anyone could consider. It also carried on for a long time and involved many countries and cultures. Researching actual historical events and atrocities can help ignite the imagination. Cause one to question what humans are capable of and what people may do to obtain power. Since I mainly write thrillers and horror I suppose this intrigues me a lot. However, it doesn’t only have to be war that is inspiring. It maybe just be helpful to look a situations that actually happened and transform those into your own ideas.

Existing Material

I don’t mean stealing, by any means. What I do mean is that I watch a lot of bad movies. Very bad, awful, terrible horror movies. This had been going on for years and almost every single time I’d watch one I’d think about what I personally would have done to change the movie and make it better. From there, the ideas grew and took on a life of their own. Taking a concept that is poorly executed and managing it into something a lot better is another source of inspiration for me. Since the idea was already bad to start with (or in my opinion it was) what it becomes from that initial inspiration is no longer that same idea and is an original story of its own. I’ve been complaining about horror movies for a while now and I realized that was accomplishing nothing. The best thing I could do is move on and write my own stuff. It seems to me that if you want to get something done and see it done the way you’d prefer it then your best option is to write or create it yourself.

These are just some examples of things that inspire me or how I come up with my ideas. Though I can find inspiration in a lot of places (music helps a lot too) these seem to be my main sources. Since the creative process is different for everyone I can’t tell anyone how to come up with any ideas or stories on their own. Some people, I’m sure, just pluck ideas out of the clear blue sky. Some people are inspired by paintings or scenery or any number of things. If you wish to write, create, and be inspired there are many different avenues to pursue. There is no right or wrong way to do it either and sometimes just getting your ideas out and rambling into the void can create things you never imagined. The important thing is to keep writing and keep trying. You never know what you may find under the surface.




Author, screenwriter, snarky realist and horror expert!

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Nadia Valentine

Nadia Valentine

Author, screenwriter, snarky realist and horror expert!

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