How A Picture Can Be Worth 100K Words!

I’m sure most people who write (or read) and have generally lived into adulthood know the saying:

A picture is worth 1,000 words

In my case, one picture inspired an entire novel and over 100,000 words. Today I want to share the background behind that novel, the picture that inspired it, and all of the work that went into it. Hopefully, this will spark more interest and will find me more readers because I do think it’s an undiscovered romantic thriller gem that just needs to get a chance in this crazy world.

Lisa Brixton never knew anything in life other than struggling. That was until she became the sole winner of a billion dollar lottery jackpot. Swimming in cash and completely unstoppable with power, she approaches local news reporter Elliot Larsson with a proposal. Every man has his price, so how much would he charge to play out the complete boyfriend experience for her? With the two million dollar offer on the table for a week of kinky romance at her new private beach house, Elliot finds her offer hard to refuse.

Together, the two embark on their new taboo ordeal, establishing rules and switching positions between dominant and submissive. Over time, they find that they may have a lot more in common with each other than just superficialities and mass quantities of money. When it becomes apparent that this is far more than a business deal sparks fly between them. They learn that it is not their past history, looks, or money that defines them but their present, chemistry and personalities. Will they find that their love is actually destined to last for a lifetime, or will it all come crumbling down once the week is over and Elliot cashes the check?

This story came to me out of one of the most bizarre places and that was one photograph of a celebrity that I really like from a magazine a few years back. Of course, this is where I will show the picture.

Source: Chris Maggio for CRMen

Though it wasn’t the first time that I was inspired to write a story based on a picture it was certainly the first time that I came up with an entire novel. Something which shot out of me at lightning speed too. I finished the first draft of it within a year. Had it beta-read and edited by the second. Before I knew it, it joined Birthright up there on my Amazon book list.

I’ve touched upon the subject of erotica, BDSM, and edgeplay before in previous articles. In this article:

Edge Play: Why I Write It & Why I Practice It I go into what edgeplay is and the fact that I live the lifestyle myself, which is why I enjoy writing it. Well, what does this have to do with the book in question? Price is everything kinky, taboo, and edgeplay. The general premise is a reverse female power fantasy. One in which the woman buys the man has the control and wants all the fun for herself.

The book, other than containing a copious amount of the kinky and taboo also contains a very important underlying plot. One that speaks of stereotypes in the workplace, sexual harassment, past abuse, self-esteem, dreams, and love. A relationship that goes from a paid contract for a week of sexual fantasy and fun to a realistic romance by the end. The character growth is built out of the interactions within the bedroom and in the dungeon as well as outside of it.

Similar to the usage of BDSM in my novel Birthright, the activities are there for character growth and fit well within the story to show how having such an intense and trusting relationship can change people for the better (and for the worse). It’s definitely a story that I poured my heart and soul into and it was all inspired by one single photograph. If anything, shouldn’t that spark your curiosity? That someone could write an entire novel inspired by a picture they saw? A picture that was so compelling that they actually hunted down a copy of the real magazine it’s in to be able to own a physical copy. If this photograph evokes this much emotion within the heart of the writer…how much do you think it could evoke in you?

Purchase Price now for $2.99 on Amazon Kindle or read it for free on Kindle Unlimited. If you are into this kind of thing already, you won’t be disappointed, I can almost guarantee it.

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Author, screenwriter, snarky realist and horror expert!

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Nadia Valentine

Nadia Valentine

Author, screenwriter, snarky realist and horror expert!

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