Dear Naughty Valentines — Issue #10

Cafe Idol, Anarcadia, And Wrecked — All on Kindle Vella

I have started to use Kindle Vella to publish stories. For a little bit I fell behind because I didn’t think it was getting me anywhere but then I saw the feedback and statistics I was getting. Since it seems like my stories on there are kind of doing okay I wanted to announce that I’m going to be continuing them. I am also going to be suggesting that everyone check them out. Here is some information about each story (as well as a link) so you can decide for yourself. The first three chapters of each are free then you need tokens to unlock more chapters. The good news is that Amazon will give you 200 tokens for free so you don’t actually have to purchase any (immediately) to unlock more chapters of any of my stories. Keep that in mind as you decide which one captures your interest the most.


In the near future, people will be able to decide when they eat, what they eat, and *who* they eat at the click of a button. Celebrity diets trending on the internet make it even easier for the rich to get richer while the poor gorge themselves to stay pretty. In these advanced times, the last thing on anyone’s mind is chemical additives and side effects. What’s to worry about when everyone else is doing it?

Cafe Idol | Kindle

The first three episodes are always free!


FBI Agents under deep cover as a married couple hunt down a notorious romantic pair of wedded serial killers before they can take the life of their next victim.

Anarcadia | Kindle

The first three episodes are always free!


The odds of surviving a plane crash are slim to none. The odds of surviving that same crash with a punk rocker while being his personal assistant are even less. In this vintage 80s romance story, Gia finds herself stuck on a tropical island with world famous punk star Blake Williams. However, not everything on the island is how it seems. Will romance blossom between the two while they struggle to survive, or will help arrive far too late to do them any good?

Wrecked | Kindle

The first three episodes are always free!

Remember that if you like an episode (chapter) or the story in general please give it a vote and a follow (it will really help me out). There will be new episodes uploaded every Friday so that gives everyone a week to catch up. My episodes are always around 2000 words and rarely (if ever) go about 5000 so you can read them in short bursts with little effort. I urge you to give it a try as it’s free anyway so what do you have to lose?



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Nadia Valentine

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