Contract: The Erotic Thriller


Money can’t buy everything, and for all of the things it can’t buy…there is the contract. Lex Volkov is a quirky technological billionaire with very specific needs and desires. He has set out to offer a cash prize of five million dollars to anyone who can live by his rules for an entire year. The only catch is that if you want out, you don’t get the money, and the only rule is that this is his game. He gets what he wants and you do it without question. Though voluntary to join, it is a dangerous game. When one of the contestants dies under mysterious circumstances, her best friend decides to make a bid to be the next contract holder. As soon as she is accepted into the game, she begins her investigation. It doesn’t take long to see that Lex’s game is not for amateurs and whatever he’s hiding in his mansion is worth more than every last cent in his bank account.

This story will be presented here chapter by chapter for free, with the intent to give everyone an example of my writing to help them decide if they wish to continue on to purchasing my novels or donating to my Patreon (or both). Access to this story will always be free, however, and updates will come periodically. The chapters will be listed in order here (as they appear when they appear) so you can always find your way around to the latest addition to the story.

Warning: This work is meant for adults above the age of 18. It contains extreme situations, adult situations, sex, drugs, and violence. If any of these things bother you then you shouldn’t consider reading any further. The characters found within the story are original creations of the author and are not to be reused without permission. This story is not to be reprinted without permission and attribution to the original author. Feedback, comments, and tips are greatly appreciated if you enjoy my work.



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