Contract: Chapter Two

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The walk to the dining room was surprisingly long. She’d underestimated the size of this house, especially the basement. She’d only assumed it was the basement as they had to go up one flight of stairs to reach the first floor. This door led into a very large kitchen and there was staff in there, working. This caused her to pause where she was. Obviously, he’d have house staff, she even knew that. There were servants to attend to whatever the hell he wanted at all times. She supposed she just hadn’t considered the fact that she would now be part of this. They’d all see her, know her, and whatever happened would just happen.

“Problem?” He asked, snapping her out of her horrified daze. “Thought you were a stripper, this can’t possibly be an issue for you.” He chuckled darkly and motioned for her to go ahead of him. Yes, the backstory for her alias was an exotic dancer but she wasn’t one. She was an undercover FBI agent and he still had yet to figure that out. Part of being in deep cover like this was to act the part and she knew she had to snap to it before he got suspicious.

“There’s no problem I’m just amazed by the massive size of your kitchen,” She said recovering smoothly and acting natural, “This is all new to me, sorry about that.” He nodded at her, looking kind of amused at her statement before she walked past him as he wanted her to do. The direction he’d indicated led them through a small hallway area and into a large dining room. The table was long, she counted at least twelve different chairs. Only two places were set. One at the head of the table and one right next to that. She took the second one as it was clear the plate set at the head was meant for him. He joined her a moment later and picked up his wine glass which was already full. All she had was water, even if an empty and matching wine glass was set out for her as well.

“Let’s get down to the basic rules, shall we? Things will start out slow because I know this is an adjustment for you. Kind of is for me as well. The last contract holder was here nearly a year. Shame because I did think she had what it would take to win. Tragic what happened.” He said and shook his head like he actually gave a damn. She didn’t believe for one minute he thought of her death as tragic. If anything, the tragedy for him was the legal red tape he became tied into for a period of time. Nothing that fancy lawyers, connections, and a lot of money couldn’t get him out of though.

“What happened?” She asked, “Why did she-”

“Uh uh…” He said, “Privacy contracts work both ways. Can’t give you any details on former holders.” She nodded, even though she was very much privy to this information thanks to her line of work.

“Oh,” She laughed nervously, “Sorry about that kind of…just getting used to all of this.” She tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and looked down at her plate, keeping up with her rather shy and awkward persona that seemed to have attracted him in the first place. As much as he favored a bit of confidence, it seemed that too much of it was a problem for him. He would have been led to believe he couldn’t control a person who also thought they had the potential to be in charge.

“Might take some time but you’ll get there.” He said, “In any case, every morning your outfit for the day will be displayed on the television in your room. You will follow it completely or expect a punishment. Your meal times will also be listed daily. If you fail to be in the dining hall within one minute of that time, you won’t get fed until the next period. There are no excuses for being late. Literally none.” After he said that he chuckled, which made her realize that he was including himself in this. It sounded like she’d be struggling to make it to meals on time. With how huge this house was and how easily she could get lost initially, she was figuring he counted on her to be hungry.

“Will the food be listed as well?” She asked.

“No, that will always be up to me and subject to change. You’ll also finish it. If not, you can expect a punishment.” He said, “We’ll start off easy though.” She didn’t like the sound of that. Though he couldn’t feed her anything that would kill her, he could definitely get nasty with his food choices.

“Can I refuse to eat something if I don’t think I can stomach it?” She asked.

“Of course but in doing so you’ll guarantee some sort of punishment.” He said, “Can’t really force you to eat anything but I think you’ll learn quickly why you’d prefer to just be thankful for what you’re provided.” This indicated that she’d start to consider these punishments to be worse than whatever he intended to feed her. She was starting to feel sick again and she didn’t even have a clue what was on the menu for that night. He had said something about starting out easy, though. She hoped that wasn’t a trick.

“So then this sort of thing is like…it gets you off right?” She asked.

“Why the fuck else do you think you are here?” He replied. A moment later, some of the kitchen staff came into the dining room and set a plate in front of him and in front of her. His was nice, a steak, potatoes, some sort of vegetable she’d never seen before. She got a salad. A really ordinary salad. Normally she may have been kind of annoyed by this but she was really just happy it wasn’t something gross. She grabbed her fork and picked it up. The staff left the room. “Obviously this gets me off.”

“Can I ask why?” She replied.

“Why do you care?” He asked.

“Guess I’m just curious. If I had your kind of money I don’t think-”

“That’s just it, you don’t think do you? None of you people ever think. You don’t know anything about this and you certainly don’t know me. My motivations are my own and I’m offering you a lot of money while asking very little. Eat your damn food and stop being so curious.” He warned her. She didn’t really think he was asking that little in return for the money. It was a lot of money, yes. Especially to people who were as desperate as they were to come seeking him out. Plenty of people wouldn’t think twice to do half the things he was probably demanding. Even for just a chance at winning one month and fifty thousand dollars. She could see it and perhaps the first month he didn’t ask much. She didn’t know. If there had been any winners that took the money and ran they weren’t allowed to say thanks to the contracts. She had no way of knowing that part. What she did know was no one had ever lasted the whole year. Data reflected that as much as his own admission. Still, she was willing to bet he always found a way not to pay someone that was owed. Manipulate them out of it or cheat the rules. She was certain that was also part of the power play that got him off.

She continued to eat her salad while watching him enjoy his steak. It wasn’t the worst thing she ever ate but there wasn’t a lot there. When she was finished, which was well before he was finished, she sat back and looked around the room. She wondered how many people had been in here. Important people. People who were contracted to be there. Possibly even people he tortured just for the hell of it.

“Finish the water too.” He said after giving her just one glance.

“Alright,” She replied and picked up the glass, downing it very easily before setting it on the table again.

“When I say you will consume everything I mean it. Everything.” He told her firmly. She nodded, not wanting to tempt his wrath on the first night by starting an argument. That was going to happen soon enough she could feel it in her bones. A few seconds passed and some staff member came in to take her plate then left without a word. She shivered in the cold air. He moved his plate to where hers used to be. There wasn’t much left on it. It was akin to scraps someone would give a dog. “That too.”

“You’re serious?” She asked.

“Did that sound like a fucking joke?” He asked her. Of all the humiliating things he was sure to do in the future this was by far on the low end of the scale. She picked up her fork and started to eat the rest of his food. He stared at her the whole time, a twisted grin on his face. “Look at me.” She glanced towards him and continued to eat. Something about this made her stomach churn. It was weird and degrading. How long before he had her on the floor eating out of an actual dog food dish? It was subtle now, slow, and easy but she knew it wouldn’t stay this way. She knew this was just a mild precursor to everything in store for her later. Since she wasn’t anything she told him she was, she may have had a different mentality approaching these activities. For someone who badly needed the money, this would have seemed like no problem at all. She managed to finish the food, the whole time with his eyes on her. His hand under the table on his lap doing…well she was fairly sure he was stroking himself. He wasn’t blatantly obvious about it but it was noticeable to her. Probably only because of her background education in sexually deviant behavior. Why did I ever think it was a good idea to do this?

“Finished.” She said once everything was gone from the plate. She set her fork down next to it, her hand trembling slightly.

“Good girl,” He praised her as if she were no more than a lap dog. He got to his feet and snapped his fingers in her face. “Follow me.” She got up as well, doing as she was told, following him out of there quickly. It couldn’t have happened fast enough. She never imagined that dining with anyone could be so completely anxiety-inducing. It would only get worse. She was already dreading trying to have breakfast with him in the morning.

He took her through the hallways to another door. He stopped at the side of it and entered a code onto a panel. There was a buzz and the door slid open. Once again, he motioned for her to go ahead of him, which she did. This room was interesting. There was some platform in the center of it surrounded with cameras from all angles. There were a few monitors on the walls as well and one desk with a computer.

“Step onto the platform. Right in the center.” He told her. She nodded and did as he asked even if she had no idea what this was. He walked to the computer and logged onto it then messed around with it for several moments before turning to look at her. “What is your name?”

“Alice Carter.” She said, glancing around at the cameras and monitors as she spoke. It was obvious he was recording her even if she couldn’t see it.

“Do you consent to the rules and regulations?”

“Yes, I do.”

“Have you signed the contract of your own free will?” He asked.

“Yes, I did.”

“Do you consent to the terms and conditions of the first month at the Volkov estate?” He asked.

“Yes, I consent.”

“Please read this full statement of your own free will signifying you understand what you are getting into.” He said, turning the monitor of the computer that he was on so she could see what it said. She read it over once to make sure she actually did agree with it and nodded.

“My name is Alice Carter and I consent to the full experience of month one at the Volkov Estate.” She read aloud. He smiled and turned the computer back to a position where she couldn’t see what he was doing. After another few moments, he shut the computer down and came towards her, grabbing her arm and yanking her from the platform. He pulled her in close, pressing against her tightly. She could feel how completely aroused he was but she didn’t think he was even slightly trying to hide it at that point.

“Now the real fun can begin.” He purred. She only had a short moment to look up at him before he was pulling her out of this weird room and back into the hallway. She had no choice but to follow him. Since he’d covered all of his bases legally, she supposed she was at his mercy. Part of her was screaming that this was the worst thing she’d ever attempted and she was definitely going to die here. Yet, another part of her was oddly aroused at the prospect of playing his twisted games.




Author, screenwriter, snarky realist and horror expert!

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Nadia Valentine

Nadia Valentine

Author, screenwriter, snarky realist and horror expert!

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