Contract: Chapter Three

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His bedroom was not only massive but one of the most high-tech bedrooms she’d ever seen. It was incredibly futuristic. Like a concept room that one would see on display at some sort of scientific exposition. The only difference was that he actually slept in here, lived in here, did things. It was stunning, really. It bothered her that her alias was a stripper who definitely wouldn’t be able to carry on a conversation about most of what she was seeing. If she started to ask too many technical questions he’d get suspicious. According to what she’d told him she hadn’t even gone to college and failed out of high school. It was why she’d become a stripper. The bureau had come up with an extensive backstory for her. All of which she’d memorized and rehearsed should it come up. He hadn’t asked her much about it, at least not yet, but she’d needed it to fill out the applications. Make herself sound pathetic. He’d also have seen a few recorded interviews of her. He probably still had them on file somewhere.

“This place is amazing,” She said, “I mean…wow. So futuristic.” He ignored her and walked over to what seemed to be a dresser. He put his hand on top of it. There was some kind of pad there that was reading his handprint. A drawer popped open and he pulled out a small bag of white powder. He tossed it towards her and she caught it more out of reflex than anything else.

“Must be craving this.” He said. She looked down at what was in her hand and immediately knew this had to be cocaine. Another part of her backstory. She wondered when it was going to bite her in the ass and it seemed that moment was now.

“I’ve been trying to uh…kick the stuff so…I don’t-”

“Yes, you do.” He said, “Or you want a punishment.” Was he really giving her this sort of ultimatum? Snort coke or be punished? She knew she only had a short time to think it over. It was obvious to her that she should just choose the punishment. However, she was thinking whatever he might do to her didn’t matter. He’d be offering this to her again and again. Punishment or cocaine. Could there ever be a point that she couldn’t take the drugs? Even worse, he knew her as a coke addict. If she immediately jumped to refusing them he’d question that too. She came to realize that she had to do what she had to do here to keep up pretenses even if it was a terrible idea.

“Alright, need to set it up.” She said, “Usually a mirror is…”

“You’re gonna snort it off of me.” He said coming towards her. He grabbed her hair roughly and shoved her down onto her knees. Then he snatched the bag from her hand and stepped over to the bed. It was honestly something that actually seemed to hover in mid-air. How that was accomplished she didn’t have a clue other than possibly very powerful magnets. She couldn’t see them but, he’d already mentioned that she wouldn’t see anything he didn’t want her to see. Or so he thought. Her goal was to find a way around that. He pulled off the blazer to his jacket and tossed it onto the bench near the bed and where she was kneeling. She just kept watching him since he hadn’t told her to move yet. He got onto the bed and unzipped his pants. Without the blazer, he was still mostly in the stunning suit he’d started off in. Except, now it was the waistcoat and she’d have been lying if she said he didn’t look sexy as hell. It was the most wrong thing she could think at the moment but at least she was physically attracted to him. Something she’d even failed to notice until this moment because she’d been anxious and irritated about dinner.

“Off of you?” She asked slowly. It was once again a stall tactic because she damn well knew he meant off of his cock and without him saying another word that’s exactly what happened. He got his cock out. Like it was just no big deal. He sat up and opened the bag of coke. He was aroused by that point. She’d already felt it. The hunger in his eyes was growing as he moved. His fingers snapped in her direction and he motioned to the bed. She crawled towards it and then onto it in order to kneel by him as he laid out the line. She just stared, holding her breath, really not wanting to do it. Of all the drugs she had experimented with, this had never been one of them. As a doctor and psychiatrist, she knew the risks.

“Well?” He asked as if she were stupid.

“I really have been trying to kick the stuff. Friend of mine ODed recently and-” He grabbed her hair yanking her head back roughly.

“You think now is the time to quit?” He sneered.

“No…Lex just…I…I don’t-”

“One last fling then I promise if you really want to get sober, there’s no one better to help you here than me.” He told her, letting go of her hair with a sudden jerk. She guessed there was no harm in that if he was also telling the truth. She knew because of how the drug and human body worked the first time one was to do coke it was always the best. She had never hoped to find out either way but she didn’t have a choice. It had already been made for her. There probably wasn’t any better way to try it than snorting it off of a billionaire’s cock in his futuristic bedroom, though. What a fantastic scenario to begin with. She leaned in and pressed her finger to one nostril to close it before snorting the entire line quickly, trying not to think too much as she did.

“Fuck…” She breathed putting a hand to her face, her eyes watering and her nose burning. It was not pleasant. From what she knew about snorting this drug it could take up to fifteen minutes to kick in and hit peak effect. The problem was, she was supposed to have been a long-term user. Which meant that due to the placebo effect her brain should start to ‘feel better’ immediately and she was going to have to act like that was totally the case.

“Good stuff, right?” He asked.

“Best I ever fucking had…fuck I needed that.” She breathed, wiping her eyes carefully and sniffing a bit. She didn’t know how she was managing to hold it together either because in reality, she felt paranoid and sick. She had no idea how the effects would hit her. She knew what all the possibilities were but not all of the effects were good. She could end up blowing her cover because of this and she knew she had to be extremely careful. He reached up and patted her head then laid back and got himself comfortable.

“Get that pretty mouth on my cock already then,” He smiled smugly. Instead of arguing about this because she certainly didn’t want to be tortured while also on an amphetamine, she did as she was told. She got down a bit more and took him into her mouth, behaving as she usually would should she give someone she actually liked a blow job. Though, for this, she was a bit more slutty about it. Moaning and gagging, really acting like an actual porn star. She had to figure a girl with her alleged occupation wouldn’t be very shy or reserved about it. He didn’t react much, despite her show, he just kind of laid there and watched her. It was irritating. He showed no signs of pleasure, nothing. The only thing that let her know he was actually still into this was that he was also still erect. After what seemed like an eternity of trying to get any sort of reaction from him he shoved her back. “No this…this needs something else.”

“Like what?” She asked breathlessly, coughing a bit right after as she attempted to catch her breath. She could feel the drugs starting to work up in her system. Her heart began to pound, her mind starting to race, and the intense euphoria that was associated with the drug. Her body heated up and her vision blurred a bit. He sat up more, watching her carefully. Reaching over to the nightstand he pulled out a silver cigarette case and matching monogrammed lighter. He opened it up and offered her one which she took quickly. Of all the things she didn’t lie about, this was one of them. She did smoke. He lit the cigarette for her then lit one of his own.

“It needs more…pain.” He said after taking a drag from his smoke. She looked over at him, wondering if she even heard that right or was just having some ill effects from the drugs.

“Pain?” She asked. He grinned at her. That same twisted and demonic smile he had before when she was eating the scraps of his dinner. He grabbed her and pulled her close to him.

“Strip and get on my cock, now.” He snarled in her ear. She blinked a few times, her brain struggling to process that before she did as she was told. At least the coke was giving her way more confidence to do whatever the hell he said without hesitation. She was sure it would save her any additional pain, at least. She took another drag from her cigarette which he snatched away from her after and slid into a glass of water by side of the bed. His was still lit and he took another slow drag as she slid onto his cock. “Fuck me, like you fucking mean it.”

“Yes…Lex,” She breathed starting to move up and down on him quickly. There was something eerily arousing about this man. Something she couldn’t even deny. Maybe the drugs were actually helping her arousal, they were definitely intensifying her pleasure. She could tell that much. Within seconds she was moaning because fuck had she never felt this good while also fucking a guy. Everything seemed multiplied tenfold as she worked her hips and body. His cock was perfect. Large. A bit above average but it seemed to touch spots inside of her she didn’t even know she had.

Once again, she was aware of him vaguely doing nothing at all. He was just watching her and smoking. She didn’t really care because of how much pleasure she was getting from this so she decided it didn’t matter. That was until he reached up and pulled her down into him, he pinned her there tightly. He was much stronger than she’d expected him to be for his lean build. She squealed because she had no idea what the hell this was about but whatever he was going to do he anticipated her trying to get away. It was possibly what he wanted and what he meant. He was about to hurt her. He brushed her hair over to one side, exposing the back of her neck. The cigarette moved in and he pressed the burning cherry of the stick right under the base of her skull and just a few inches over the collar he’d locked onto her. Right below her hairline.

She wasn’t sure she’d ever screamed so loud in her life. Under normal circumstances, she was sure that was an agonizing amount of pain but this…this was different. The drugs in her system made everything more intense. Pleasure and pain. Which he’d had to have known just as much as her. She attempted to struggle against him but he had her held fast. Her body started to twitch and convulse, rocking against him. She could even feel how she was clenching around his cock and what it was doing to her. At some point, for some reason, in the midst of the searing, mind-numbing pain she orgasmed. Then it happened again, and again. The whole while she was screaming, clawing at his suit, incoherently begging him to stop. All of this culminated in a very brief blackout where she collapsed on top of him. It was as if her brain had glitched out entirely for thirty seconds.

There wasn’t much time to rest. He shoved her off of him and onto the bed roughly. Then he very calmly reached for another cigarette and lit it. Taking a slow drag he turned to look at her as if he were completely satiated from that whole ordeal. She wasn’t sure if it had been heaven or hell. Her neck and back were on fire from the burn but there was pleasure there as well. Coursing through her like she never thought possible. Had never experienced before. What had he done to her?

“You came, a lot.” He said, “I know because I felt it and you either pissed or squirted on me so…you’re a fucking pain slut aren’t you?” She could barely catch her breath or even think of a response to that. More cause of the drugs than anything. She hadn’t been unaware of her masochistic tendencies before coming there. BDSM even edge play had not been unfamiliar territory to her. However, what he’d done just now wasn’t that. It was torture. Abuse. It was absurd and she shouldn’t have even slightly reacted that way. Not for a second, yet she had. No. There was no way she liked this. It had to be the drugs. This was yet another one of his mind games and she would not accept that this was okay.

“It was-”

“What? The coke?” He snorted back a laugh and took another drag from his cigarette before sitting up. She could hear how hard his breathing was. Though she hadn’t even been aware of his orgasm it must have been good for him to be breathing like that. “No sweetie I’ve fucked with girls on coke, even done that shit. Usually doesn’t result in an orgasm. Looks like I made the right choice giving you the contract.” She didn’t doubt what he was saying was true, that he’d done that a lot. It was obvious he knew what he wanted and he had that all planned from the start. What he hadn’t counted on was her insane reaction to it. She was sure he wouldn’t ever duplicate it. How could he? She wasn’t doing coke ever again and she didn’t care what the hell kind of punishments he threatened her with otherwise.

“Well I guess I-”

“Come on, need to clean that up a bit. Don’t need you getting infected.” He said snapping his fingers at her. It was more like he was attempting to command a dog than talk nicely to a person. Then again, she wasn’t sure why she expected different if that’s what he felt he needed to do to another human to get himself off. She sat up and slowly got out of bed, still barely able to walk. The pleasure and pain pounding through her with the rhythm of her terrified heart. How was this only the first night? How could he possibly get worse?

He took pretty good care of her. She wasn’t aware of him having any sort of background in medicine or even treating wounds but he definitely had experience. She could tell from her own. It was possible that he’d learned because of how many people he had in there and tortured. It was possible in the vast amount of degrees he surely held, he’d gotten some sort of nursing degree. Something that would enable him to care for the people he was brutalizing. That would make it less of a hassle and he’d be able to care for minor injuries as they happened without having to involve anyone else. He offered her painkillers as well, strong ones, and she took them without much thought. She’d already done coke and she was in too much pain to care that mixing uppers with downers was a terrible idea. The coke was telling her she’d be fine anyway and caused her not to really give a shit.

She’d never been more wasted in her entire life as he forced her back to her room, as she was apparently not permitted to spend the night in there with him without express invitation. Once she was in her room and he was gone she collapsed to her knees, having to crawl to the bed and pull herself onto it. He’d left her naked to walk through the house and still dirty. She hadn’t showered or even bothered to try to get clean. Mostly she didn’t care about that. There were too many drugs in her system and she was flying too high to care. Everything seemed amazing and awesome and she was pretty sure she didn’t want this feeling to end.

That was until it stopped, a somewhat unknown amount of time later. The clock on the TV screen which had turned on at some point said it was three in the morning. However, she didn’t know how long she’d been wasted like that or even what time the whole fuck session had started. She was kind of surprised that she was even alive at that point because it seemed like she really shouldn’t have been. Out of the corner of her eye there was a flicker of light. Her head turned to focus on that. Pain shot through her neck and she let out a small cry as her hand went to the base of her skull. There was still a loose bandage there. The light flickered again and the holographic form of a woman she’d never seen in her life appeared.

“My name is Lily Ambrose and I consent to the full experience of month one at the Volkov Estate.” The form said. She blinked a few times, sitting up more and moving to crawl to the end of the bed, getting closer to the hologram. It blinked out and it was replaced with the hologram of another woman. This was very different from the first.

“My name is Jillian Cooper and I consent to the full experience of month one at the Volkov Estate.” The woman said then blinked out again only to be replaced by an attractive male figure.

“My name is Markus Wilson and I consent to the full experience of month one at the Volkov estate.” Is what he said. Who were all these people? Were they the ones that came before her? All of them verbally consenting to this? That had to be the case. It explained why he had made her do it when she was down in that weird office before. After they had eaten dinner. She just didn’t see what the point of it was. Possibly some sort of psychological torture, yes, that had to be it, but it wasn’t really bothering her. It was just kind of annoying. She had to admit she was impressed with the holographic technology. She didn’t think anyone had anything like this in existence yet. Funnily enough, it was being used in an attempt to either torment or sleep deprive her. Maybe both. She got up on shaky legs as each person cycled through.

She heard many names from many different types of people. A wide range of genders, races, and sizes. All of them considerably attractive in one way or another but she wasn’t very surprised by that. If he was going to be sexually messing with people then he’d want them to be people he was attracted to. Yet, they didn’t seem to fit any sort of pattern or profile. At least not with physical traits. There were tall people and short people. He even had some people who’d have been considered, not exactly fat but on the larger side. Curvy or husky would be how she’d have described it. Still physically fit enough to endure whatever he was going to put them through. Even she’d had to submit to a physical exam. He was probably trying to make sure he wouldn’t accidentally stress someone into a stroke or cardiac arrest. It still seemed that within the bounds of that he had a range.

How he was selecting these people couldn’t have only been physical. He barely seemed to discriminate. There were quite a few where she couldn’t tell what gender they were presenting as so that was definitely out. There didn’t seem to be more men than women. The few non-binary people were just there, and she guessed he could have projected whatever gender he wanted onto them while they were there. Maybe even forced them to be one or the other. Probably part of the whole power thing. She counted each one as it passed, trying to get a reasonable idea of where she placed in the line and how many times he had done this. When she hit number forty-nine, her heart nearly stopped.

“My name is Rika Takashi and I consent to the full experience of month one at the Volkov Estate.” She’d forgotten that one was going to be in there. It had to be because this woman was the whole reason she was there. The alleged accidental death that she was now positive couldn’t have been an accident. Not with what he’d just put her through and that was barely anything considering what it definitely would become. She bit her lip, holding her breath for a moment as she forced herself not to react. The camera on her collar as well as the microphone would be a dead giveaway if she should say or do anything. Rika’s image faded and was followed by her own.

“My name is Alice Carter and I consent to the full experience of month one at the Volkov Estate.” That’s when the recordings shut off. She stumbled for the bathroom, initially intent on showering now she just felt sick. She collapsed by the toilet and vomited twice before sliding back to rest against the wall, trying to catch her breath. At least she could blame that reaction on the weird cocktail of drugs she’d been on before she got in there. She curled up, trying to stay composed. Trying to not scream. She had to keep going. She had to find out the truth. She was not going to let him get away with killing her best friend. Only 364 more days left to go. She would do it because there was no one else left who was willing to try.




Author, screenwriter, snarky realist and horror expert!

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Nadia Valentine

Nadia Valentine

Author, screenwriter, snarky realist and horror expert!

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