Contract: Chapter One

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“Congratulations, the contract is yours if you want it.” He smiled as he slid the contract towards her across the desk. She looked down at them and then back to him. He stood up and set down a pen next to the papers. “Read them over, ask questions so you completely understand the rules, and sign or walk.” She looked at him, amazed she’d won in the first place. He stepped out from behind the desk and came around behind her. His hands on the chair as he leaned in closer. He was smelling her hair and she could hear it. The way he inhaled deeply as his head dipped down towards her. Had she not been there for one specific purpose, and one alone, this would have been enough to get her to leave. Runaway screaming, even. Since that was no longer an option and it was a miracle she’d won the contract in the first place, she reached for the pen.

“Can you give me a general rundown of the rules?” She asked him, sliding the contract towards her to skim it as he spoke. It wasn’t as if she hadn’t done her research, which was extensive. Though no one had an exact copy of the contract or rules, things were known. For the most part. Former contestants all had to sign a non-disclosure anyway. Win or lose. No one had ever won but they were lucky compared to the few that had died. Accidents, he claimed, all accidents and no one could prove otherwise. It was exactly why she was there and he didn’t seem to suspect a thing.

“Of course.” He said, pulling back from the chair to walk around in front of her again. This effectively put him back behind the desk where he took a seat. “You sign the contract I own you for a year. Everything about you. I control what you eat, what you wear, what you do, and then…there’s the fun. Perhaps more fun for me than for you. You will move into the Volkov estate and you will be closely monitored to ensure you follow the rules. Every rule you break there is a punishment. As for me, I am allowed access to your body at all times. To do anything I like. This ranges from sexual to purely sadistic. Humiliation, degradation, whatever I’m in the mood for. It can and will include torture and pain. It’s what I like and why you’ve come. You need the money and I want to help you earn it.”

“No contract in the world is going to allow me to consent to being murdered or-”

“That’s not what this is, Alice.” He insisted, leaning forward and looking her dead in the eye, “If you read page seven, subsection 9a, I am permitted to use your body for anything I like. Provided that it not cause permanent harm, mutilation, or death.”

“What if I decide I don’t want to do this anymore?” She asked.

“You will simply say two words. ‘I Quit’. I will ask you to repeat yourself. Once. You say the words again to confirm. After which point you will forfeit your rights to any prize money I owe you and contact from me will be cut. The contract will be shredded and we will permanently part ways. You will uphold the nondisclosure agreement indefinitely.” He said firmly. She knew this entire offer was insane but she also knew she’d be signing the contract regardless she was just stalling for time.

“How do the prizes work again?” She asked.

“Every month you complete here, the jackpot goes up significantly.” He said, “End of the first month is fifty thousand. Cash. No strings attached and tax-free. You will be brought here and asked if you want the money or to attempt to continue to the next level. Should you take the money that’s it, you leave and we never speak again. Should you continue on, you forfeit your right to that money. You quit before the end of the next month, you get nothing. This offer will be made at the end of every month until the year is over. Should you reach the end of the year you get five million dollars. Cash as well. I’ll arrange for it. After that, we part ways.” She already knew why this would be tempting for the utterly desperate. The people he preyed upon. The type of person he believed her to be. Luckily, this time, he wasn’t taking advantage of anyone because she knew the score and she wasn’t there because she lacked the cash. She was there to find out the truth. See what this really was.

“That’s all I need to know?” She asked him.

“Other than for me to inform you that broken bones can heal, so can bruises and most cuts. A scar not visible immediately is not considered mutilation. This would include your face, hands, and neck. Anything else is my canvas and fair game.” He told her. She really didn’t like that part but she wasn’t sure she cared. She’d deal with whatever he believed he was going to do to her and eventually, actually did. “As you can imagine, each month gets increasingly worse. Almost no one has made it past month three. Only a few have made it past month six. Only one has made it to month twelve.” She clenched her jaw to keep herself from blurting anything out. That final one was the exact reason she was here.

“I think you’re in for a surprise then. I like a challenge and I don’t give up easily.” She replied. Grabbing the pen, she flipped to the last page of the contract and signed it with the name of her alias quickly. Alice Carter. He took the papers from her and looked them over. After that, he unlocked a drawer on his cabinet and slid the papers into a folder before shutting it and locking it again.

“Let me show you to your room.” He said, “We will go over all your new rules at dinner. Want to give you time to get used to your surroundings and new life. Explore the estate a bit. Understand what is and isn’t off-limits without permission.” She nodded and stood up, following after him as he walked past her. The office they had been in was in his home. His incredibly large home. It was on private property, surrounded by hundreds of acres, and there were no neighbors for miles. A place where he could definitely get away with a screaming tenant twenty-four hours a day without anyone batting an eye.

She was led down the hall and up a flight of stairs. Down another hall and up another flight of stairs. A few doors down from there was a room. There was a plaque on it that said “GUEST” embossed in gold. He opened the door for her and let her go in ahead of him. It was a nice room, far less fancy than what he could afford but, nice. There was a bed and a TV on the wall across from it. There was also a desk and a bookshelf which held a variety of books. There was a small bathroom attached to the room, which she could only see because the door was slightly ajar. She looked around and took a seat on the bed then glanced over at him.

“What do I call you now?” She asked.

“Lex is fine until I decide otherwise.” He said, “You’ll find your new wardrobe in that closet over there. I trust your measurements were accurate on your forms? Or did you lie?”

“No lies,” She said, “No reason to lie. You’d know everything about me sooner or later anyway so I didn’t bother.”

“Good girl, you may actually last longer than the others thinking like that.” He said then laughed and walked out of there without another word. He shut the door behind him and she decided to just lay down on the bed. She assumed that someone would inform her when dinner was ready in some capacity. She already felt sick. The first night there was probably going to be the best night that she was going to get. It was all downhill from that point and she knew she had basically just signed her life away to a sadistic, demonic pervert.

When she woke up, she couldn’t even recall having fallen asleep. She was in some room on a table and strapped down. The place smelled and looked sterile. Almost like an operating room. In actuality it was far more like a morgue, at least that’s what it reminded her of, but she was very much trying to ignore that. Her mind already screaming at her about what a bad idea this was. That she should have known something was up. He’d figured her out, he knew what she was, he had to. Why else would he have only waited five minutes to bring her to this room instead of just leaving her alone to wait for dinner?

She glanced upwards, attempting to get a glimpse of what was around her wrists. She could feel the metal of the cuffs and hear the chains rattle as she gave them a pull. That was about it. He’d left her mostly dressed when she’d been moved. At least she was covered. Still in her undergarments. A black bra and matching panties but little else. A door opened. She turned her head to see him walk through. He came over to the table and looked down at her with a strange glint in his eye.

“Comfortable?” He asked.

“What’s the proper response here? Do I lie and say yes or tell you no and get punished?” She asked him. Truth be told, she had no idea if her cover was blown or not and the last thing she wanted to do was admit it. She didn’t know why she was here, after all, it could be for several hundred reasons. This was his game, his house, his rules…she was just going along for the ride. Surely, if he’d made her before this point she wouldn’t have gotten the contract in the first place…right?

“I’m going to do what I wish with you regardless of how you respond.” He replied and walked around behind her. She attempted to look above where she was laying to see what he was doing but it was impossible at that angle. Her eyes closed and she took in a deep breath, letting it out slowly. No reason to panic. He can’t kill you. It’s in the contract. His footsteps echoed through the room as he came back towards her. Her eyes opened to see he was holding something in his hands. “This is your collar, it will track you.”

“Track me?” She asked.

“You aren’t a prisoner here you are free to come and go as you like but I need to be able to monitor you to know you are playing by the rules.” He said, “I’m potentially investing a lot of money into this I have to be sure.” He lifted her head a bit, none too gently either, to get the collar behind her neck. It looked like an ordinary choker. Nothing that would arouse suspicion or get her many odd glances. It did lock in place, though, she heard it click once it was there. He moved his hands back and smiled, one of them trailing down her neck, over her chest, and towards her stomach lightly.

“How is this going to-”

“There’s a camera, microphone, and GPS tracking chip all embedded here.” He said, “One of my latest creations.” She nodded slowly. It had slipped her mind that a vast majority of his fortune came from advancements in tech. He was at the top of his field making billions. An eccentric programmer, developer, inventor, and God knew what else. The file she had on him noted that he was an expert in design, nanotechnology, and artificial intelligence. She should have known he’d have something like this in order to watch her every move.

“So no matter where I am…”

“…I’ll always know. You will, of course, be required to return at any given time. If I need you, you will come back. If you are out and I give you an order you will complete it immediately without question. I’ll be able to see you, hear you, I’ll know everything.” He said the hand that lingered on her stomach moving lower now to rub her thigh firmly. She swallowed hard, watching his hand more than his face. Wondering what he thought his next move was going to be. “Of course, nothing I demand of you will be illegal because that’s not what I’m about. You should expect a lot of it to be humiliating and immoral though. Best way to avoid that is just not to leave but I won’t stop you from going out to have some kind of fun.”

She, personally, didn’t see how the hell she could have any sort of fun if this was how everything was set up. Not only would she get no privacy, at all, but he’d be able to control her like a puppet. The mind game fuckery was high level with this one. Not to mention the voyeurism fetish, the power dynamic, humiliation, domination…complete ownership of everything that she was. She’d become no more than a toy for a crazy billionaire, just as countless others had before her. Not all of them women either. He didn’t seem to care about gender as much as he did about power. For someone like him, she imagined that at a certain point it didn’t matter. Getting off on what you could make people do for money probably wasn’t nearly as exciting as what sort of gender they identified as. What would that matter to someone like him?

“And you’ll always be watching?” She asked, “Even when I-”

“No privacy.” He cut her off, “And yes there is a potential for me to be watching at any given moment. Rest assured that with the gamble I’ve made here, there’s a good chance I will be watching. No matter what. Everything is recorded too. Not just for my own personal entertainment but legal reasons as well.”

“I haven’t seen any cameras.”

“Do you really think you’d see anything I don’t want you to see?” He asked, giving her thigh a squeeze and digging his nails in sharply. She bit her lip to keep from squealing, “You don’t even know how you got down here or what I did to accomplish that. Remember this one thing if you ever consider attempting to defy me or break my rules. I have every right to terminate the game as I see fit when I see fit if I no longer deem you worthy.”

“Has that ever happened before?” She asked. Though she’d assumed that was definitely part of the contract she signed she’d have been amazed if he’d ever gotten rid of anyone before they actually wanted to leave.

“No, because really I would just punish you for your insubordination. You’d be surprised what people will do for money.” He laughed and leaned down towards her, staring into her eyes intently. “Desperate little whores, every last one of you. I could wipe my ass with that amount and never miss it.” He patted her on the cheek roughly before reaching up to release the chains. Suddenly she was free and able to sit up. She did so, slowly, and rubbed at her wrists. He was definitely right about not knowing how he’d gotten her here or even when. She wasn’t sure how much time had passed either. Just that very idea was starting to freak her out. Otherwise, she was unharmed.

“My clothes, I should probably get dressed for-”

“For what? Dinner? No, I like you better like that.” He said, “Count yourself lucky I’m letting you wear anything at all this time. The only thing I’d add are these, put them on and follow me.” He motioned to a set of black stilettos by the door. The heels were at least seven inches and platformed. Like stripper shoes. He was tall enough that she still wouldn’t be his height if she wore them. Close though. She wasn’t incredibly short, to begin with. She hopped off of the table and walked towards the door where they were sitting, leaning down to pick them up. He watched as she pulled one on, then the other, fastening the straps around her ankles before rising up to face him again.

“What’s for dinner anyway?” She asked.

“Anything I damn well want.” He grinned and pulled the door open. That was as good of an answer as any, she supposed. It wasn’t like she hadn’t already agreed to eat whatever the fuck he wanted to feed her, told her to eat. She was now realizing what a wide variety of shit she may be forced to consume under his command. Why it was a mistake to agree to this. Not to mention the fact that there were so many ways to torture a person under the boundaries of the rules he’d laid out. It hadn’t even been twenty-four hours and she was already starting to consider the idea that no matter how well she’d been trained for this, it probably hadn’t been nearly enough.




Author, screenwriter, snarky realist and horror expert!

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Nadia Valentine

Nadia Valentine

Author, screenwriter, snarky realist and horror expert!

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